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1. “AI Roundup: What’s New in April 2024”

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Feature Updates April 2024

Microsoft is more dedicated than ever to providing the highest quality security services for our cloud products. In that vein, we are exhilarated to announce updates in Microsoft Defender for Cloud in April 2024. Elements such as full integration with GitHub Actions and enhancements in Azure Security Benchmark v2 have brought our service to an entirely new level.

New GitHub Actions Integration

Centralizing the security capability with the deployment pipeline is crucial in the modern cloud computing process. That is why we have provided full integration of Microsoft Defender for Cloud with GitHub Actions. Now, developers can orchestrate their tasks, run CI/CD activities and efficiently resolve security issues in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

Azure Security Benchmark v2 Enhancements

Our Azure Security Benchmark v2 is the embodiment of our commitment to provide the best cloud security practices. It now includes controls that are organized into functional areas, making compliance and governance easier than ever. The azure policy add-on for Kubernetes is also now supported in the Azure Security Benchmark v2.

Update on Secure Score API

Besides, we have now added adjustments for Secure Score API making it a more streamlined and efficient service. Offering better visibility of your organization’s security state, the Secure Score API now supports all management groups and includes additional details necessary for evaluating the risk status of a particular resource.

Introducing User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Another leap forward in our security services is the introduction of User Behavior Analytics (UBA). The UBA can monitor user behavior by analyzing patterns of activity, thus spotting and alerting about potential malicious or anomalous activities. This feature greatly enhances the ability to detect threats and respond to them promptly.

Kubernetes Azure Policy Add-On

To aid in governing and securing your Kubernetes environment, we have also included the Kubernetes azure policy add-on. This feature will assist in real-time enforcement of policies and in ensuring the compliance of your workloads.

In Conclusion

This has been a highly productive month for Microsoft, with vast improvements in the overall quality of our security services. Our team is working relentlessly to bring you the best tools and services for maintaining a secure cloud environment. These updates from April 2024 are just one part of our commitment to offer highly secure and reliable cloud security solutions.

You can get more details about these updates and enhancements on the original document: Monthly News April 2024.

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