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AI-powered Azure Functions: Exciting Updates for March 2024

The development and applications with .NET on Azure Functions have continuously evolved, bringing groundbreaking changes to broaden the features and user experience. This post gathers key roadmap updates for March 2024 to generate better insights into what’s happening.

A Glance at .NET Worker in Azure Functions

The transformation that has taken place over the years within Azure Functions is impressive. .NET Worker is no longer solely dependent on the host for its initialization, now with added capabilities to initialize itself. This standalone operation enables it to facilitate a diversified range of new features including multiple function apps running side by side with different language versions.

Future Endeavours for .NET Worker

Microsoft has an ambitious roadmap for the adaptation and expansion of .NET Worker in Azure Functions. One of the many focal points is to enable the support for .NET 7, which is in line with Microsoft’s efforts to adopt and support the latest versions of .NET core for improved performance and features. A public review for this hallmark is anticipated in the forthcoming months.

.NET 8 Support in Pipeline

Keeping pace with the evolving .NET core, Azure Functions is also planning to support .NET 8 in the pipeline. The integration of this support will be rolled out in phases, ensuring a smooth transition and limited disruption to existing operations.

Language Worker Extensibility

One major growth area embarks on the realm of Language Worker Extensibility. The objective is to simplify extensions development across different languages and promote reusable abstractions for code. This changes can foster an environment that caters more languages in Functions on a broad scale.

Preview of Durable Functions in .NET Worker

A significant announcement is the preview of Durable Functions embedded in the .NET Worker. Now in the testing phase, the integration of Durable Functions simplifies orchestration of complex, stateful patterns in serverless functions and creates new opportunities for serverless computing.

Bringing Altogether: Elastic Premium Plan

An important initiative that bundles these changes is the Elastic Premium plan. It offers host of features including more predictable performance, more control over scale out, and savings for sporadic workloads. This initiative stands as an exemplification of Microsoft’s commitment to creating a robust and versatile cloud-based environment for development.

For a comprehensive understanding of the recent updates and advancements in .NET on Azure Functions, refer to the original document here. Stay updated with Microsoft’s official documentation for more information on cloud products and related updates.

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