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“AI Revolution: Say Goodbye to SharePoint Add-Ins in Microsoft 365”

Unveiling SharePoint Add-in’s Retirement

Consistent with Microsoft’s policy of providing the highest quality software solutions, there has been a significant change to SharePoint add-in capabilities in Microsoft 365. In this article, we are going to address the retirement of SharePoint Add-in and what does this mean for Microsoft 365 users.

Why This Change?

The transition from SharePoint Add-in to SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is mainly to boost efficiency, performance, and agility. The SPFx is an evolutionary step forward, enabling more sophisticated and groundbreaking capabilities that match the increasing demand for a dynamic digital environment. Whereas SharePoint Add-in served as a sturdy foundation, SPFx leads the way for modern web parts, extensions, and additional features.

The Replacement: SharePoint Framework

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a mature, resource-rich platform that supports seamless development and integration of web parts and extensions. As it aligns with Microsoft’s expansive vision for a unified Microsoft 365 ecosystem, SPFx brings about a user-friendly experience, quicker load times, and flexibility to work across all devices. The move to SPFx signifies Microsoft’s continued commitment to providing high-quality and innovative services that respond to the evolving needs of our users.

Impact on Existing SharePoint Add-ins

Rest assured, this change will not affect the existing SharePoint Add-ins. They will operate as usual without any disruption. However, Microsoft will cease any further development and innovation on this platform, with future improvements focusing solely on the SharePoint Framework. This is to ensure that we consistently deliver products that are up-to-date with modern technologies and reflect the needs of our users.

Navigating the Transition

Experience a smooth transition from SharePoint Add-in to SharePoint Framework by benefiting from the ample resources Microsoft provides. Our technical blogs, official site, and various other resources are designed to support you through the journey.

Next Steps for Developers

The shift to SPFx translates to a more promising and beneficial pathway for SharePoint developers. It bestows a powerful platform enabling the creation of solutions that are not merely responsive but also modern and all-inclusive by default. Developers are, therefore, encouraged to switch their on-going and future projects to SPFx to avail these benefits.


Retirement of SharePoint Add-in marks a bold move towards modernization within the Microsoft 365 environment. The adoption of SharePoint Framework is indicative of Microsoft’s drive to stay at the cutting edge of technology and to provide optimal user experience across devices. Detailed documentation for all our cloud products can be found here.

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