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AI: Unleashing the power at Windows Server Summit! Archives – Microsoft 365 Today


It’s a thrilling time for IT professionals who are keen on amplifying their knowledge and enhancing their expertise in Microsoft’s Windows Server ecosystem. Microsoft’s annual Windows Server Summit, an impactful online platform, is teeminг with innovations, insights, and learning tracks designed specifically for IT experts just like you.

Key Takeaways from the Summit

The summit, grounded in Microsoft’s mission to fuel digital transformation, shares in-depth perspectives on Microsoft’s cloud-ready operating system. It also highlights significant updates on topics such as migration to Windows Server 2019, and container innovation. By participation, you can explore the role Windows Server plays in your organization, catering to ground-breaking strategies and critical insights from industry-leading experts.

Explore Migration to Windows Server 2019

As Microsoft continues to provide unique approaches to modernizing IT landscapes with Windows Server 2019, the summit serves as a point where IT professionals can learn with ease. Detailed sessions discuss recommended strategies and best practices to successfully migrate to Windows Server 2019 while remaining focused on improving security, application innovation, and cloud integration.

Diving Deeper into Containers : Unleashing Innovation

One of the highlights of this year’s summit is a deep dive into Windows Server containers. Windows containers aide developers to modernize, develop, and manage applications more effectively. This segment hosts detailed sessions on how containers play a crucial role in transitioning from monolithic applications to modern apps optimized for the cloud.

Unlock the Power of Hybrid Capabilities

Windows Server has undeniable hybrid capabilities. The summit presents a platform where you can learn how these hybrid capabilities can unlock the full potential of your organization’s infrastructure. It will help you to harness the power of Azure services over your data, while still maintaining the flexibility and control over the physical infrastructure.

Additional Highlights

Windows Admin Center, Azure Arc, and Azure Stack HCI are among the other game-changers discussed in the summit. The event presents an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of the trends shaping organizations’ approaches to managing their Digital Infrastructure. The conference is also a great platform to establish connections with industry peers and Microsoft professionals.


Integrating insightful conversations, workshops, and splendid demonstrations, the Windows Server Summit effortlessly caters to the needs of our community of IT professionals. This learning event helps anyone involved with Windows Server navigate through the expanding landscape with confidence and expertise. For additional information and resources, visit the summit’s official page.


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