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“June 2023: The Latest News That You Need to Know!”


I. Introduction to Monthly News – June 2023
A. What Is Monthly News?
B. Overview of Topics Covered in This Blog

II. What’s New with Microsoft 365 Defender?
A. Introducing Microsoft 365 Defender
B. What’s New with Microsoft 365 Defender?
C. What’s Coming in Microsoft 365 Defender?

III. What’s New in Cloud Products and Documentation?
A. Overview of Cloud Products
B. What’s New in Cloud Products?
C. What’s Coming in Cloud Products?
D. What’s New in Documentation?

IV. What’s New with Security?
A. Overview of Security
B. What’s New with Security?
C. What’s Coming in Security?

V. What’s New with Compliance?
A. Overview of Compliance
B. What’s New with Compliance?
C. What’s Coming in Compliance?

VI. What’s New with Identity?
A. Overview of Identity
B. What’s New with Identity?
C. What’s Coming in Identity?

VII. What’s New with Analytics?
A. Overview of Analytics
B. What’s New with Analytics?
C. What’s Coming in Analytics?

VIII. What’s New with Administration?
A. Overview of Administration
B. What’s New with Administration?
C. What’s Coming in Administration?

IX. Conclusion
A. Summary of What’s New
B. What To Look Forward To In Future Microsoft 365 Defender Blogs

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