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SharePoint list that shows custom formatting in the list

Column Formatting to Customize SharePoint List

Format a column in a SharePoint list or library using the modern experience to change the way items look. Both column formatting and SharePoint Framework...
An image showing the Microsoft Exchange Server user interface. The interface displays the email inbox, with various tools and features for managing email, contacts, and calendar events. The menu bar is visible at the top, with icons for composing new messages, searching for email, and accessing settings. The right-hand side of the screen displays a preview of the selected email, with options for replying, forwarding, and archiving the message.

Updating Active Directory Schema to Address CVE-2021-34470 with Exchange

Cloud Architecture: Keeping Up With The Latest Exchange Product Updates Introduction As a cloud architect, it is essential to stay up to date with the latest...
An image showing the Azure cloud computing platform's dashboard. The dashboard displays various tools and services for building, managing, and deploying applications in the cloud. The interface includes a navigation menu on the left side, with options for various categories such as compute, storage, and networking. The main window displays various charts, graphs, and tables, providing insights into resource usage, application performance, and security

Leverage Azure Recovery Services Vault for Lightning-Fast Disaster Recovery

Leverage Azure Recovery Services Vault for Rapid Recovery Get the Most Out of Azure Recovery Services Vault Azure Recovery Services Vault is a cloud-based...

Bring Your Own Storage to the Cloud with Azure Maps

Bring Your Own Storage to Azure Maps What is Azure Maps? Azure Maps is a cloud computing platform designed to help businesses create and deploy applications...
SharePoint Designer main window

SharePoint Designer feature deprecation

Microsoft identified an issue affecting SharePoint Designer functionality for creating and editing custom Forms within SharePoint Online. After careful examination, they determined that there...

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