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Unleash the Power of AI with Microsoft Syntex Pay-As-You-Go: Available March 7, 2023

A New Adventure in Pay-As-You-Go Licensing

Transforming the way users approach knowledge and AI, Microsoft has introduced Pay-As-You-Go licensing for its AI tool, Syntex, available from March 1, 2023. Built on SharePoint and optimized with artificial intelligence, Syntex is poised to revolutionize content understanding and processing. The new pricing model allows organizations to pay per user, offering increased flexibility and control over costs.

Introducing Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is the first product from Microsoft’s Project Cortex. Syntex uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine teaching to enhance content processing and understanding. Syntex provides users with the power to create AI models without requiring coding expertise, democratizing AI usage across organizations.

The Advantages of the Pay-As-You-Go model

The benefit of the Pay-As-You-Go licensing model is that it offers flexibility and scalability to organizations of all sizes, by allowing them to pay for only what they use. This will enable users to optimize costs and scale as per their requirement, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of the AI initiatives in larger organizations.

Get Started with Microsoft Syntex

With the licensing model in place, users are invited to deploy Microsoft Syntex in their organizations. Existing Microsoft 365 customers can easily set this up right from the Microsoft 365 admin center. With comprehensive documentation provided, users should have no problem integrating Syntex into their workflow, even if they are not highly technical.

Learn More

For those looking to delve deeper into Microsoft Syntex and its applications, numerous resources are available. The Microsoft blog provides regular updates and step-by-step guides to make the most of Syntex. Users can also check out Microsoft’s official documentation on Syntex to learn more about its deployment and operation.

Stay Informed

With constant updates and information about Microsoft Syntex being introduced, organizations and individuals who use it — or who are simply interested in AI — should stay connected. The Microsoft Tech Community is a valuable resource to check out, with numerous articles, blogs, and discussions on a variety of topics surrounding Syntex and Microsoft’s other products.


The introduction of the Pay-As-You-Go licensing model for Microsoft Syntex has brought a new dynamic to AI tools, providing more flexibility and control for organizations. Coupled with its application potential, Syntex is set to change the way we process and understand content in the future. As new developments arise in the coming months, we strongly encourage users to stay updated and connected via the Microsoft Tech Community and other resources.

In reference to the original document, visit Microsoft Tech Community to learn more.

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