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Unleash the Power of AI with the NEW Microsoft Graph Windows 365 APIs

Discover the revolutionary integration of our dynamic Microsoft Graph Windows 365 with API provisions, now available for you to enhance your technical environment. This neural pairing draws upon a rich domain composed of two powerhouses, offering simplified management solutions for you. Microsoft Graph allows you to interact with the data that drives productivity – mail, calendar, contacts, documents, directory, devices, and more, while Windows 365 powers an innovative Cloud PC experience.

Unlocking Varied Capabilities

With this integration, a broad spectrum of capabilities lies at your disposal. Microsoft Graph’s robust APIs, combined with Windows 365, streamline your operations. We have built this platform, keeping your multilayered needs in mind. Whether it’s managing your Cloud PC entities, provisioning Cloud PCs, or simplifying Windows operating system, Graph Windows 365 APIs are poised to transform your work environment.

APIs for Cloud PC

The Cloud PC API on Microsoft Graph allows you to delve into managing Cloud PC entities. It skirts around operations related to service plans, on-premises network connections, organizational units, provisioned devices, and sessions. Deconstruct these components and tailor a cloud PC experience that abides by the standards and requirements of your organization.

Intelligent Provisioning

Providing a seamless, tailored experience is our mantra. With Graph Windows 365 APIs, you can orchestrate automated provisioning of Cloud PCs. Mobilize your operations with these advanced customization options. Save time, resources and increase efficiency by embracing the fast and smart provisioning capabilities of Microsoft Graph and Windows 365.

Unified Billing Model

Microsoft Graph APIs provide an organized framework for the Unified Billing Model. Our APIs aid in the meticulous management and tracking of your usage and costs. Ensure a seamless billing experience while efficiently managing your resources.

Simplified Operating System Management

Microsoft Graph Windows 365 APIs revolutionize the process of managing your Windows operating system. These APIs facilitate the process of updating and rebooting your Cloud PC remotely. Managing your operating system was never this simple!

To explore robust technical features and improved manageability just a click away, delve into our comprehensive guide right now. Relish these new proficiencies that are all set to revolutionize your digital realm.


For further information on our new cloud products and their documentation, refer to our latest article: Microsoft Graph Windows 365 APIs. For a peep into our technical posts and product updates, explore our official Microsoft website.

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