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“Unleashing the Power of AI: Microsoft Syntex Upgrades with Taxonomy, Image Tagging, and More!”

Introduction to Recently Released Syntex Features

As a trailblazer in artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft continues to break new ground by introducing revolutionary features within SharePoint Syntex. Our latest product update aims at improving document understanding models. The features include managing taxonomy, tagging images, and utilizing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for text extraction from images. This article expounds on these functionalities and the benefits they offer to organizations.

Exploring the New Taxonomy Management Feature

Syntex users can now tap into SharePoint taxonomy to classify content more effectively. SharePoint Syntex’s taxonomy management allows the training of models using managed metadata service (MMS) terms. Consequently, users can leverage taxonomies when extracting information and appending metadata labels, thus increasing the accuracy in data organization.

Benefits of Using SharePoint Taxonomy

Using SharePoint taxonomy with AI models makes content findability more efficient. SharePoint’s Managed Metadata Service (MMS) facilitates content categorization, also promoting a consistent use of metadata across the organization.

Introduction to Image Tagging

Another notable addition is the image tagging feature. SharePoint Syntex model can now extract text from images and pictures within files and append them as searchable metadata tags. For instance, an image containing a textual invoice number can have this information extracted and attached as metadata for easier retrieval.

Why Image Tagging is Revolutionary

Extracting text entities from a multitude of image data sources enhances content discovery. The feature’s ability to create searchable tags optimizes the search functionality, making content retrieval much more straightforward.

Unfolding OCR Content Extraction

SharePoint Syntex models now utilize higher-end optical character recognition (OCR) technology. OCR permits the model to extract handwritten or printed text from images, converting them into machine-encoded text. This extends the capability of the model to recognize data and extract information even from non-typical formats.

The Edge that OCR Gives to SharePoint Syntex

With OCR, processing and managing files with non-conventional formats is as seamless as dealing with doc files. It improves accessibility, thus significantly enhancing productivity.

Summarizing the Features

The recent breakthroughs take SharePoint Syntex to new heights of data classification and accessibility. The taxonomy management feature, image tagging, and OCR integration streamline data organization. Consequently, businesses can expect to significantly boost efficiency and productivity by leveraging SharePoint Syntex’s new features.


For detailed insights and guidance on interacting with the new features, refer to the complete Microsoft documentation on cloud products. You can check the original blog post on these breakthroughs at Microsoft SharePoint Blog.

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