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Unveiling the Latest AI Advancements in Microsoft Syntex – Wrapping Up 2022

Highlights of Microsoft Syntex’s December Updates and 2022 Recap

Microsoft Syntex, a groundbreaking AI solution for content analysis in Microsoft’s SharePoint, made significant strides in 2022, as per the updates recently announced. This blog covers a recap of the salient developments in Syntex for 2022 and important features added in the December update.

New Developments in Microsoft Syntex

The December update has widened the classification and extraction capabilities of Syntex. Model prediction service APIs now support XML/HTML formatted text and improvements to model prediction testing have been made in Syntex center along with the introduction of new document understanding model (DUM) tester functionality.

The Scope of XML/HTML Support

Inclusion of XML/HTML formatted text support in the model prediction service API is aimed at enriching the content analysis scope of Microsoft Syntex. Through this feature, users can pull all XML/HTML components, as well as, position and structural information from SharePoint. This provides users with in-depth knowledge and wider visibility on XML/HTML formatted documents.

Improvements in Model Prediction Testing

Model testing experiences have been enhanced with Syntex Center’s latest update. Users can now access user interface and extraction experiences directly in the tester interface, encouraging smooth troubleshooting and testing. Furthermore, users can make use of the document understanding model (DUM) tester for improving the model building and testing process.

Added Functionality through DUM Tester

The pioneering DUM tester is a standout addition to Syntex’s repertoire. It aids users in testing their DUMs and viewing the extracted information directly. This improvement decreases the time taken to test and refine models, substantially accelerating the Syntex workflow.

Review of 2022 Milestones

2022 marked an important year for Microsoft Syntex in expanding its capabilities and enhancing content understanding. The year introduced several impactful features including broad multilingual support for content types, support for Azure information protection labels in Teams and SharePoint, and user-friendly APIs for external model application.

Outlook for the Future

With a highly productive year behind, Microsoft Syntex promises further impressive updates and advancements for 2023. A continued momentum is expected in feature expansions, offering users greater control and customization opportunities.

For official and detailed documentation of Microsoft Syntex updates, refer to the original post here. Stay tuned to Microsoft’s technical blog for more updates and news on our ever-evolving suite of AI and cloud products.

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