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“Unveiling the Latest and Greatest: What’s New in Viva Sales for April 2023”


What’s New in Viva Sales – April 2023
* Overview of Viva Sales
* What’s new in April 2023

What’s New in Viva Sales?
* New Features
* Enhancements to Existing Features
* Bug Fixes

New Features
* Viva Sales Dashboard
* Viva Sales AI Insights
* Viva Sales Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365
* Viva Sales Insights App
* Viva Sales Engage

Enhancements to Existing Features
* Enhanced Security
* Enhanced Performance
* Enhanced User Interface
* Enhanced Analytics

Bug Fixes
* Fixed issue with virtual accounts
* Fixed issue with product display
* Fixed issue with order fulfillment
* Fixed issue with customer service

* Summary of what’s new in Viva Sales
* Benefits of using Viva Sales

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