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– “Unveiling the Latest Breakthroughs in AI: November 2023 Monthly Update”

As November 2023 concludes, Microsoft Defender for Cloud continues to introduce breakthroughs in cloud security management. This blog post dives into the significant updates, enhanced features, and newly released public previews designed to strengthen your security posture. Reference the original document here for more in-depth insights.

Public Preview Updates

Innovation continuously drives the work at Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This month, several new features entered the public preview phase and made available to users for testing and implementation feedback.

Microsoft Defender for Container Registries

A notable addition is the Microsoft Defender for Container Registries. Under this new feature, scanning for vulnerabilities in container images is extended to Microsoft Container Registry and DockerHub, alongside Azure Container Registry. This additional feature bolsters security and ensures a more comprehensive vulnerability management approach.

New Azure Security Benchmark Is Coming Soon

Anticipate the arrival of the new Azure Security Benchmark (ASB) version 3. This upgrade encapsulates the updated Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) enterprise-scale landing zones. Once released, users can implement best practices and benchmark security recommendations to adequately protect all Azure resources.

Enhancing Secure Score

Secure Score, the universal security metric in Microsoft 365, is now streamlined to allow filtering by management group or subscription. This update enables more precise assessment and the ability to target specific security improvements where they’re needed most.

Secure Score API

This November, Microsoft unveiled a new API for Secure Score, further enhancing efficiency and adaptability. Now, users can retrieve their secure score and control statuses directly from the API, elevating automation and integration capacities to new heights.

New Documentation Released

To bolster understanding and usage of these new features, Microsoft provides extensive documentation. This month, you can find a plethora of support articles on topics ranging from managing security contacts to enabling just-in-time VM access for Azure Security Center.


With an unwavering commitment to cloud security, Microsoft continues to pioneer technology advancements with the Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Stay informed about updated features, public previews, and newly released documentations by bookmarking the Technical Blogs and the Microsoft official site today.

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