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Unveiling the New Security Feature in the September 2021 Exchange Cumulative Update

Exploring Exchange Server 2021 and its Latest Security Feature
Exchange Server 2021 has been released and brings with it a new security feature. This is the first major update for Exchange Server since 2019 and offers a range of improvements, including enhanced security. In this article, we’ll explore this feature and how it can help protect your organization from potential security threats.

What is the New Security Feature?
The new security feature in Exchange Server 2021 is called ‘Secure Mailbox Auditing’. This feature provides administrators with the ability to monitor email activity within the organization, including who is sending and receiving emails, when emails are sent, and what kind of content is being sent. It also allows administrators to set up alerts to be notified when suspicious activity is detected.

How Does Secure Mailbox Auditing Work?
Secure Mailbox Auditing works by logging user activity and monitoring email communications. It stores the data in a secure environment, which is then analyzed to detect potential security threats. If a threat is detected, administrators can take appropriate action to protect their organization. The feature also provides administrators with detailed reports on the activity, allowing them to identify potential security risks.

Benefits of Secure Mailbox Auditing
Secure Mailbox Auditing provides a range of benefits for organizations, including:

* Enhanced security – By monitoring user activity and email communications, administrators can detect potential security threats before they become a problem.
* Increased visibility – Administrators have detailed reports on the activity of users and can quickly identify any potential security risks.
* Improved compliance – By monitoring user activity, organizations can ensure that they are meeting the compliance requirements set out by their industry.
* Reduced costs – By detecting potential threats before they become an issue, organizations can save money on dealing with security incidents.

Implementing Secure Mailbox Auditing
Implementing Secure Mailbox Auditing is a straightforward process. Organizations will need to enable the feature in the Exchange Server 2021 administrative console and then configure the settings for their environment. They will also need to ensure that the necessary permissions are in place to allow the feature to function properly.

Exchange Server 2021’s new security feature, Secure Mailbox Auditing, provides organizations with enhanced security and improved visibility into user activity and email communications. It also helps organizations to meet compliance requirements and reduces costs associated with security incidents. Implementing Secure Mailbox Auditing is a straightforward process and can help to protect organizations from potential security threats.
New security feature in September 2021 Cumulative Update for Exchange Server

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