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AI-Driven Transformation: New Billing Model for Defender for Servers Users

Microsoft Defender for Cloud has just implemented a significant evolution in billing practices. Customers using Defender for Servers will be impacted by these changes. The modifications in billing structure are designed to provide greater simplicity and flexibility. This article will explicate the recent modifications to our billing structure.

Updates to the Billing Process

Microsoft Defender for Cloud will change its billing procedure, shifting from a per-service plan to resource-level billing. This change aligns with our aim of providing greater transparency and control over your security investment. Instead of automatically applying Defender for Server plans to all server resources, customers can now select individual or multiple resources for a flexible, customized security plan.

The Impact of the Change

How will this shift affect Defender for Servers customers? Essentially, you can now select which server resources are covered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud more precisely. Therefore, you will primarily pay for the resources you choose to protect, allowing for a more customized approach to your security strategy.

Billing Model Change

The change will transition from automatic to manual assignment of the per-service plan, providing customers with more control over their security expenses. Previously, the Defender for Servers plan was applied automatically to all server resources; however, the new model requires users to manually assign plans to chosen resources.

Benefits for Current Azure Defender Customers

If you’re a current customer of Azure Defender for Servers, don’t worry, this transition will be entirely seamless. These changes will automatically be applied to servers currently protected under your Azure Defender for Servers plan, ensuring your current security strategy remains uninterrupted.

Referencing Resources and Further Reading

To gain a full understanding of this update, customers should refer to the original article that provides a more in-depth description of the changes. Also, consider looking over our suite of cloud products to explore other innovative security solutions that might suit your organizational needs.

As We Move Forward

At Microsoft, we continually strive to refine our offerings to better serve our users. This new billing structure for Microsoft Defender for Cloud is just one example of this ongoing commitment. By offering a more flexible and transparent approach to billing, we believe that our customers can create more targeted security strategies while better managing their costs.

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