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Calculate Your API Security Budget with Microsoft Defender

Introduction to Microsoft Defender for API Security

APIs have become the backbone of modern application inter-communication and integration. As the demand for digitally interconnected services grows, so does the risk for API threats. For protection against these threats, Microsoft has introduced the new Defender for API Management.

Understanding API Protection

APIs are now an inevitable part of digital transformation initiatives but are also often the targeted weak links for security threats due to the data they carry and their open nature. APIs require security measures that are designed to protect against attacks, threats, and security risks. To combat these risks, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Defender for API Security, a feature that works in sync with API Management. Our focus here is on its cost estimation and how it helps protect your data.

Estimating Your Plan Cost for Microsoft Defender for API Security

Microsoft Defender for API Security cost is computed based on the total number of requests to your APIs. Costs can be estimated using a simple calculation that integrates call volumes, associated per-call fee, and the Defender for API management premium. The pricing details are available in the official price list on Microsoft’s website.

Using Microsoft Defender for API Security

Once you have estimated the cost, Microsoft Defender for API Security can be easily activated on your API management service. This feature tells you when unusual behaviors are detected, and helps to identify attackers. Defender for API Security enhances the overall security posture of your API by providing insights about attack campaigns and helping you maintain an effective security strategy.

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Related Documentation

To make the best use of Microsoft Defender for API Security, be sure to refer to supporting documentation. Microsoft provides comprehensive guides and documents, such as “Microsoft Defender for API Security – Estimate your plan cost” on the official site. This information will guide you through cost estimation, activation, and effectiveness of API security.


APIs serve as significant drivers for digital transformation, yet they also become attracters for security threats if not properly safeguarded. Microsoft Defender for API Security provides comprehensive protection for your APIs, notifying you of any irregular activities and helping devise effective security strategies. By taking into consideration the cost estimation and leveraging supporting resources, you can best fortify your APIs.

Reference: Latest article “Microsoft Defender for API Security: Estimate your plan cost” here.

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