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AI in the Fast Lane: Navigating the SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop for December 2023

Prepare for an enlightening journey into the advancements in Microsoft SharePoint. As we transition into the new year, there’s a wealth of updates to highlight. We’ll walk you through all the new enhancements and releases rolled out in December 2023 that will streamline your user experience and boost productivity. Read the original detailed SharePoint blog here.

New Feature Updates

Starting with the new features, SharePoint saw a series of upgrades aimed at strengthening workplace collaboration and tasks execution. The ‘@mentions’ in comments section for list items has been introduced. With this feature, users can tag team members to attract attention to items in the list. Furthermore, there has been an enhancement in the Teams integration. Now, one can add SharePoint pages and lists into Teams channels, building a seamless workflow across platforms.

Security Enhancements

In the domain of security and compliance, SharePoint did not lag behind. New upgrades include automated sensitivity labelling based on confidential information. This not only boosts the security of sensitive information but also improves data governance. Additionally, there has been a deployment of differential sync on all file types, significantly reducing the bandwidth and time required to synchronize large files.

Data Loss Prevention

Specifically addressing data loss issues, Microsoft has vastly improved Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint. Now, DLP can identify sensitive information across many locations and prevent unintentional sharing of this data. So, you can ensure your data’s safety without compromising your work’s flow.

SharePoint Migration Tool

Another crucial update was made to the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT). To provide flexibility and control, SPMT now supports migrating to specific folders within a SharePoint library. This feature eases the migration process and enhances the user’s control over the destination of their data post-migration.

Updates in Mobile Experience

SharePoint’s mobile experience also received significant enhancements in December. Notably, the Android and iOS SharePoint apps now offer an improved “News” tab, presenting the team’s news posts in an organized and engaging manner. Users can even comment and react to the news posts directly on their mobile devices, fostering team interaction and collaboration.

Wrapping it up

The December updates on SharePoint reflect Microsoft’s commitment to fostering efficient collaboration, enhancing security, and vertically integrating with other products. With the promise of many more improvements and additions coming up next year, stay tuned and make the most of your SharePoint experience.

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