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“Artificial Intelligence Buzz: Monthly Recap January 2024”


Our main purpose is to help you secure your data and applications using Microsoft’s cloud services. This blog will provide a comprehensive update on what’s new in Microsoft Defender for Cloud for January 2024.

Investigation and Remediation Enhancements

The incident page undergone a major remake. Fatal upgrades in Microsoft Defender for Cloud include enablers for investigating and remediating security threats. Concrete workflow process incorporating incident details, alerts, and affected resources are now displayed in tabs format ensuring they do not overlap, minimizing user interaction steps.

Automatic investigation

Fulfilling customer requests, Microsoft has incorporated an automatic step-by-step investigation system. It generates remediations upon the completion of its procedures. This new role-based feature is accessible from the navigation menu.

Scalability and Usability Improvements

We always strive for improvements and this month, it’s all about enhancing scalability and usability. New SDL policies have been introduced. These aim to handle large files and facilitate better ORM integration. These changes enhance productivity and efficiency in using Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Application Allow List

Built on customer feedback, Microsoft has added application allow list capabilities in the policy setting. This provides flexibility to users to add applications that they trust, creating a more personalized security control system.

Service Layers: Azure and Storage

In our continuous effort to build layers of secure service, this month we have focused on Azure and storage elements. We have improved Azure Security Center (ASC)’s abilities dealing with Security resources and tightened storage security even more.

Azure Security Center Improvements

Additional Functional Fixes (AFF) took place in Azure Security Center. These involve improvements in handling security resources and enhanced navigation which provide more efficient access to security-challenged resources.

Storage Security

Substantial upgrades have been made to storage security. Among these are the ability to adjust security settings for each container separately and increased coverage across additional Microsoft cloud products, enabling even safer Data Lake storage.

Reference and Further Reading

The abovementioned enhancements are only a glimpse of this month’s updates. For detailed information about each update, please visit the original document here.

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of Microsoft Cloud products and the latest documentation, visit the Microsoft official website or follow our technical blogs.

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