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AI-Powered Defender for APIs Now Live from Microsoft

Introducing Microsoft Defender for APIs: General Availability

Microsoft is proud to announce the general availability of Defender for APIs. A vital advancement in cloud security, this solution protects the application programming interfaces (APIs) that power your modern applications.

Understanding the Importance of API Security

As businesses transform digitally, APIs have become a standard component of application infrastructure. APIs facilitate the speedy and seamless integration of multiple systems, platforms and apps to work together. However, as exposure increases, so does the need for enhanced security measures. This is where Microsoft Defender for APIs steps in, offering a level of security most fitting for an agile, modern enterprise.

How Microsoft Defender for APIs Elevates Your Security

Microsoft Defender for APIs integrates with Azure Defender and Microsoft 365 Defender. This means it allows for end-to-end protection for your API-based apps. Not only does it detect potential threat vectors, but it actively thwarts them while providing real-time threat intelligence.

Unveiling Unmatched Protection with Microsoft Defender for APIs

API threats are not confined to external factors. Insiders often present a risk, intentional or accidental. For this reason, Microsoft Defender for APIs provides capability to detect unusual activity or data exploration anomalies, which may indicate insider threats. Furthermore, you benefit from detailed investigation experiences, equipping you with threat hunting capabilities to detect and stop anomalous activities.

Ease of Deployment: Microsoft Defender for APIs

Ease of deployment is yet another advantage offered by Microsoft Defender for APIs. Integration with the Azure portal means you can start protecting your APIs in no time. Additionally, the Microsoft philosophy of “zero trust” security keeps your APIs safe from both inside and outside threats, making the Defender for APIs an invaluable resource in your cloud security toolkit.

How to Get Started: Microsoft Defender for APIs

With the general availability announcement, all Azure users can access the API security solution. Log in to the Azure portal to explore Microsoft Defender for APIs, enabling a robust API security perimeter to protect your digital assets.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions on Microsoft Defender for APIs and its features. Microsoft is continually enhancing its solutions based on user feedback and market trends, ensuring that our cloud products meet your ever-evolving security needs.

Access the original announcement of Microsoft Defender for APIs for complete insights and further details on getting started with our groundbreaking API security solution.

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