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Discover the Latest Features of Microsoft Intune in the January 2301 Edition!

What’s New in Microsoft Intune – 2301 (January) Edition
As a Cloud Architect, I am excited to discuss the recent updates to Microsoft Intune—the integrated mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) service in the Microsoft 365 stack. For January 2021, Microsoft Intune released several new features and improvements that make managing devices and applications easier and more secure. Let’s explore the new features and discuss how they can benefit organizations.

Improved Device Compliance
Microsoft Intune now supports device compliance policies for devices running Android 11. This feature allows organizations to set up policies to ensure devices meet corporate requirements. With this update, organizations can now manage devices running the latest version of Android, making device compliance easier and more secure.

Device Health Attestation
Microsoft Intune now supports Device Health Attestation (DHA). This feature allows organizations to ensure their devices meet the minimum security requirements for corporate networks. Devices must pass the DHA scan to access corporate data. This helps organizations protect their data from unauthorized access.

Better Control Over Application Deployment
Microsoft Intune now allows administrators to set up and deploy applications to devices more efficiently. Administrators now have the ability to control how applications are deployed to devices with the ability to deploy applications in bulk, assign applications to groups of users, and control when applications are installed. This makes it easier for administrators to manage applications and ensure that the right applications are installed on the right devices.

PowerShell Scripting
Microsoft Intune now supports PowerShell scripts. This feature allows administrators to automate common tasks. With PowerShell scripting, administrators can easily run scripts to manage devices and applications, allowing them to save time and effort.

Improved Reporting
Microsoft Intune now has improved reporting capabilities. With the new reporting features, administrators can generate reports on devices and applications. This makes it easier to understand device and application usage and make better decisions about how to manage devices and applications.

Microsoft Intune’s recent updates make device and application management easier and more secure. With these updates, organizations can ensure their devices meet compliance requirements, control how applications are deployed, automate common tasks, and generate reports to better understand device and application usage.

The latest updates to Microsoft Intune make it easier for organizations to manage their devices and applications. As a Cloud Architect, I am excited to see the latest improvements to Microsoft Intune, which will help organizations protect their data and stay secure.

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