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Level up your knowledge in AI with a partner-led Microsoft Syntex workshop

Improve Business Processes with Microsoft Syntex Workshop

Ensure you are drawing the full benefits from Microsoft Viva as you harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate content extracted for your team and organization. By participating in a Microsoft Syntex Workshop, your business enterprise will be optimized immensely. We invite business owners and technology enthusiasts alike to join us for these transformative sessions.

The Microsoft Syntex Advantage

Microsoft Syntex amplifies human expertise, creating new efficiencies by scaling insights and automating content processing so you can make informed decisions quickly. It puts to work advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to amplify human ingenuity, streamline processes, and optimize operations. Such success becomes a reality once you properly understand the tools and functionalities made available in Syntex.

Join a Partner-Run Workshop

Join a partner-run, step-by-step Microsoft Syntex Workshop to unravel the immense capabilities of this robust platform. Our specialist training partners deliver these sessions, and they cover key functional areas of Syntex such as content understanding, utilizing AI models, and integrating SharePoint Syntex. The result is empowered organizations that can easily leverage this technology to its fullest potential.

What to Expect in the Workshop

You will learn to utilize AI models to automate content capturing and categorization, integrate machine teaching to learn from experts, and capture onboard expertise. We also focus on ways to increase compliance while reducing risk using intelligent content processing to apply metadata and manage lifecycle. Besides, you will be trained on how to use pre-built or custom AI models to extract information from your documents automatically.

Why You Should Attend

The workshops offer an excellent opportunity for a hands-on experience with the platform. You can apply the practices and principles taught Viva Syntex directly. You also have the chance to interact with experts who can answer questions on your specific needs or business case. Equip your workforce with knowledge to process information faster and with greater accuracy, empowering higher productivity tier for your enterprise.

Registrations for Microsoft Syntex Workshops

Register for a Microsoft Syntex Workshop today and make the most out of your investment in Microsoft AI. Each workshop is designed to focus on particular domains – whether you’re from a financial, procurement, HR, IT, or legal background, there’s something for everyone.

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