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How Defender for Cloud is Bridging the Gap Between Code and Cloud

As a trusted digital innovator, Microsoft constantly strives to bridge the gap between coding practices and cloud technology. To accomplish this, we’ve incorporated Microsoft Defender for Cloud into our Azure offering. We’ll dive deeper into the features, benefits, and potential use cases of this powerful tool.

Understanding Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The inception of Microsoft Defender for Cloud came as a response to growing needs for streamlined, robust, and secure cloud development practices. Defender for Cloud integrates and extends the features of Azure Security Center and Azure Defender, providing real-time threat protection and intelligent insights tailored specifically for your hybrid workload and multicloud environments.

Ensuring Optimal Governance with Azure Policy

With Azure Policy, developers can impose specific compliant rules across their Azure infrastructures. Azure Policy and Azure Policy add-on ensure strict governance in your cloud structure by automating compliance assessments and generating real-time insights.

Blueprints, Playbooks, and Secure DevOps Toolkit

Microsoft has readily available blueprint samples helping developers set their compliance and security configurations. On top of these, Secure DevOps Kit (AzSK) provides essential security guidelines to make Azure subscriptions compliant, secure, and maintainable.

Continuous Assurance with Azure Security Benchmark

Fulfilling compliance requirements could be overwhelming. Therefore, Microsoft incorporated the Azure Security Benchmark (ASB) in Defender for Cloud. It comes with features to continuously monitor and enforce the baseline for Azure services.

Keeping Cloud Data Safe with Defender for Storage

The Defender for Storage, a component of Defender for Cloud, ensures regular scanning for protecting data in blob storage. It identifies and remediates potential vulnerabilities, enabling you to keep your cloud data safe for optimum data security.

Conclusion: Bridging Development and Security

With Microsoft Defender for Cloud, we have built not just a tool, but a robust framework for modern development practices, ensuring that our customers realize the potential of secure, integrated, and efficient cloud technology.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and its integration with other Azure services, we encourage you to reference “Bridging the Gap Between Code and Cloud with Defender for Cloud” on Microsoft Tech Community site. We are continuously updating this central location with the latest articles on cloud products and related documentation to help both seasoned developers and those just starting their cloud learning journey.

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