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Introducing Advanced AI Features in Defender for Cloud


Microsoft is revolutionizing cloud security with the new CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform) capabilities offered within Defender for Cloud. This comprehensive Azure-based service is formulated to aid customers in managing their security posture.

Azure Defender

Azure Defender, a part of Microsoft Defender for Cloud, adopts a more proactive approach for container and Kubernetes workloads. Coupled with its in-build threat protections, these new facilities enable quicker microservices security response times, enhancing the security of overall cloud-native applications.

Container Image Scanning

Azure Defender’s Container Image Scanning feature scrutinizes images pushed into the Azure Container Registry or pulled into a runtime environment for potential vulnerabilities, making it a crucial tool within the arsenal of cloud-based security measures.

Just-in-Time Capabilities

Harnessed with Just-in-Time (JIT) capabilities, Azure Defender steps up workload management by allowing security teams to set permissions. The approach meets security standards without hindering normal workflow, enabling a more efficient micro-segmentation strategy.

Security Posture Management

Maintaining a healthy security posture is vital to protect your cloud environment. With Azure Security Center’s Secure Score, companies can streamline their security posture management, strengthening their defence against potential threats.

Proactive Security with Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft further fortifies cloud security with Azure Sentinel, an advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool. Integrated with Defender for Cloud, Azure Sentinel provides comprehensive threat detection over your entire system.

Custom Workbooks

Through the Custom Workbooks in Azure Sentinel, organizations can personalize their investigations, ensuring more accurate and focused analysis within their security operations center (SOC).


As the modern cyber landscape evolves, Microsoft continues to bolster its security features against emerging threats. With the new CNAPP capabilities in Defender for Cloud, Azure equips you with all the necessities for secure cloud-based operations.

For more information on Microsoft’s cloud security solutions, refer to the original article Announcing new CNAPP capabilities in Defender for Cloud. For an in-depth understanding of our products and their documentation, check out our technical blog Microsoft Tech Community and Microsoft’s Official Cloud Platform.

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