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Level Up Your API Security with Azure Web Application Firewall and Azure API Management

Microsoft Defender for Cloud blends the functionalities of protecting APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and web apps via Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) to provide a more robust security framework for your digital assets. The fusion of these solutions brings added benefits, enhancing the security posture of your web applications and APIs hosted on Azure and ensuring your development and operations teams receive rapid threat detection and response capabilities.

Integration of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure WAF

Microsoft Defender for Cloud seamlessly integrates with Azure WAF to strengthen your defense strategies. By bringing these solutions together, you can more effectively manage security configuration, advance your threat protection, and simplify compliance processes. This integration facilitates deep threat insights from Defender for Cloud and aligns them with the fortified web application protection provided by Azure WAF.

Security Configuration Benefits

Relying on automated and manual methods of interpreting threats can be a daunting undertaking, which can lead to missed vulnerabilities and potential data breaches. However, Azure Security Center helps automate this process by providing security recommendations. This function is made more efficient when integrated with Azure WAF, as it can analyze firewall logs, displaying detected threats alongside the corresponding solutions.

Advanced Threat Protection

Azure WAF’s advanced threat protection feature, when combined with Defender for Cloud, makes firewall bot management more accurate and effective. Utilizing Microsoft Threat Intelligence, this integrated solution boasts of improved bot detection and blocks harmful traffic sheltering potential vulnerabilities before reaching your applications.

Simplified Compliance

The Azure Security Benchmark, connected with the Defender for Cloud and Azure WAF integration, provides a security compliance standard specifically designed for the Azure cloud ecosystem. This helps simplify compliance processes by providing guidelines and control mappings tailored to Azure services. Also, it offers auditable evidence, which is crucial in meeting regulatory requirements.


In combining Microsoft Defender for Cloud with Azure Web Application Firewall, an elevated level of security, threat protection, and compliance simplification is achieved. Having these two solutions collaborate smoothly helps ensure your online operations are resistant to sophisticated attacks, thereby maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your digital resources. As an added perk, admins receive insightful threat intelligence allowing them to respond swiftly and accurately to potential security breaches.

For more information and detailed guides on these solutions, reference Microsoft’s official blog post and the latest documentation on Defender for Cloud and Azure WAF.

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