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– “Introducing Agentless Discovery for Kubernetes in Defender for Containers!”

Introduction to Agentless Discovery for Kubernetes

Conventional security protocols may no longer suffice in a world that is increasingly moving towards cloud-native solutions. Microsoft Defender for Cloud recognizes this shift and offers a novel solution – agentless discovery for Kubernetes. This innovative feature is part of Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s built-in capabilities, enabling smoother security updates for Kubernetes workloads.

Transitioning to an Agentless Approach

The shift from an agent-based model to an agentless discovery model brings numerous benefits, including improved operational efficiency, risk reduction, and maintenance ease. It eliminates the necessity to deploy and manage agents, decreasing complexity and manual error risks. Through this approach, security teams can focus on analysing alerts, implementing lockdown policies, and strategizing security postures.

How Agentless Discovery Enhances Security

Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s Kubernetes Discovery enables an aggressive approach to security. With agentless architecture, it offers immediate detection, rapid response, and efficient mitigation of threats. Unusual activities are promptly identified, analyzed, and counteracted, hence fortifying Kubernetes workloads against potential threats.

Discovery, Access, and Identification

The agentless discovery feature’s key utilities include discovering Kubernetes resources, accessing metadata, and detecting unmanaged resources. It seamlessly audits configurations, tracks system mutations, and provides an organized data analysis. Furthermore, it identifies risks associated with unmanaged Kubernetes resources and offers suitable remediation strategies.

Data Integrity with Agentless Discovery

With security high on the agenda, data integrity in the cloud is of utmost importance. The agentless discovery capability of Microsoft Defender for Cloud reduces data deformation issues associated with agent-based models. Consequently, it ensures consistent data delivery and reliability.

Setting up Agentless Discovery for Kubernetes

Enabling agentless discovery for Kubernetes is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Users only need to follow simple, step-by-step procedures on the Microsoft Defender for Cloud interface. Once set up, the system immediately commences monitoring, ensuring effective security audits and updates.


The introduction of agentless discovery for Kubernetes in Microsoft Defender for Cloud sets a new standard for security solutions in the cloud-native era. It offers users an enhanced, streamlined security process, helping businesses to focus more on creating value and less on maintaining security infrastructure.


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