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Microsoft 365 All Tenants in the admin center

More than one-third of admins that use the Microsoft 365 admin center manage multiple tenants. This applies to two-thirds of enterprise customers and the majority of partners that manage Microsoft 365 tenants for their customers.

Microsoft just announce that a new multi-tenant management experience:

The All tenants list is specifically for admins that manage two or more Microsoft 365 tenants, including:

  • Partners who manage on behalf of
  • Merger and acquisition scenarios
  • Separate test and production environments
  • Regulatory requirements for multiple tenants

The experiences built enable admins with multiple tenants to:

  • move quickly between tenants using the¬†Organization Switcher¬†(also called the Tenant Switcher);
  • assess service health, service requests, products, and billing across multiple tenants; and
  • understand admin setup task activity across multiple tenants.

The All tenants list is rolling out now, and once available, you will need to log in with a partner admin account and soon will include admin accounts that have been invited to manage multiple tenants through Azure B2B.

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