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Revving Up for AI Integration in SharePoint: November 2023 Update

Exciting Updates to SharePoint: November 2023

In a consistent bid to bolster the functionality and wide range of capabilities embedded in SharePoint, Microsoft is thrilled to roll out several updates to the platform this November 2023. These updates cover different aspects, like the SharePoint Syntex, SharePoint spaces, and SharePoint Server Subscription Edition, tailored to enhance productivity and collaboration for organizations worldwide.

New SharePoint Syntex Features

SharePoint Syntex, our AI-infused content management tool, has received an upgrade designed to improve content understanding and increase efficiency. This AI functionality now supports additional languages – Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Businesses operating in these language spheres can effortlessly automate content processing using the AI models present in SharePoint Syntex. This feature promises to provide a more intuitive SharePoint experience for these regions.

Enhancements to SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces, our immersive mixed reality tool, has now been revamped with new additions. To boost expressive creativity and improve user experience, a staple of three-dimensional text has been introduced. Another exciting feature is the new capability to embed SharePoint Spaces directly into SharePoint pages, paving the way for a more cohesive and detailed virtual environment for users.

Updates to SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

November 2023 also saw enhancements to the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. Two key improvements were made – developers can now access the public API for lists in public beta, and users enjoy improved upgrade experiences leveraging the Enable-SPFeature cmdlet. These tools increase usability and offer more avenues for user-generated customization.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Integration

As part of our continuous commitment to creating holistic and immersive work platforms, we’ve enhanced the Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration. The capability to add a Teams meeting to a SharePoint page exemplifies this commitment. Users can seamlessly add Teams meetings to SharePoint pages or news posts, thus offering more straightforward and efficient options to collaborate.

Additional Capabilities

Additional capabilities include the roll-out of Lists ‘grid view’ on Android, which offers smartphone users a simpler and more manageable way to oversee their tasks. Also, SharePoint admins can now find, review, and act on SharePoint hub sites more quickly due to improved listed hub sites in SharePoint admin center.

Continued Commitment to Progress

The updates unveiled in November 2023 showcase Microsoft’s commitment to advancing SharePoint capabilities that drive optimal productivity, seamless collaboration and enhance the user experience. We continually value customer feedback utilized in designing these updates and look forward to elevating user expectations with upcoming developments.


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