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Defender for Cloud’s Agentless Virtual Machine Scanning: Available Now!

Learn about the revolutionary agentless secret scanning feature in Microsoft Defender for Cloud, designed for enhanced security in virtual machine scale sets. By leveraging this feature, subscribers can simplify and automate secret scanning, managing large deployments with ease while increasing their security posture.

An Overview of Defender for Cloud’s Secret Scanning Feature

Microsoft’s Defender for Cloud has recently launched an ‘agentless’ secret scanning feature. This advanced functionality allows for effortless discovery and monitoring of unprotected secrets in virtual machine scale sets within Azure environment. The agentless approach eliminates the need for manual deployment of log analytics agents, diminishing the potential human intervention and error, making the whole process seamless and straightforward.

What Constitutes Unprotected Secrets?

The term ‘unprotected secrets’ refers to sensitive information such as keys, passwords, connection strings, or certificates found in your scripts or code. Unprotected secrets can pose serious security risks and could lead to unauthorized access to your systems if not properly protected.

How Does Agentless Secret Scanning Work?

The agentless secret scanning feature in Defender for Cloud utilizes an automated process to discover and report unprotected secrets within your Azure scripts and code. Examples of potentially unprotected secrets include secrets found in your scripts, code, or metadata in your virtual machine scale sets.

Securing Your Unprotected Secrets

Once unprotected secrets are identified, Microsoft Defender for Cloud offers remediation recommendations to help enhance your security posture. These suggestions may include steps like rotating secrets for new deployments, revoking previously leaked secrets, and implementing secure means to access your secrets.

How to Enable Agentless Secret Scanning in Defender for Cloud

Activating agentless secret scanning is straightforward. Navigate to your Defender for Cloud dashboard then to the relevant settings pane where you can switch on the feature. After enabling, it starts scanning secrets in your scale sets. Remediation recommendations appear under Security alerts and recommendations in your dashboard.

Why Choose Defender for Cloud’s Agentless Secret Scanning?

Microsoft’s agentless secret scanning feature is ahead of its time, providing a streamlined approach to identifying and securing unprotected secrets. The automation powered by Defender for Cloud not only makes it extremely convenient but also allows for frequent scanning, ensuring consistent security.

Further Reading and Resources

For more in-depth information on Microsoft’s cloud product line and its recent documentation, please visit the Microsoft tech community blog and the original article on Defender for Cloud’s Agentless Secret Scanning.

Make sure to keep abreast of Microsoft’s ever-evolving line of security products to stay at the forefront of cloud security technologies.

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