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Say goodbye to vulnerabilities on the cloud with Qualys Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Announces Qualys’ Retirement Plan

Microsoft continues to prioritize the cybersecurity of its software by refining its vulnerability assessment solutions. Microsoft announces that it will be retiring its cooperation with Qualys, a third-party vulnerability scanning solution, for the Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

What’s Changing in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The change in Microsoft’s approach to vulnerability assessment is part of an ongoing agenda to strengthen cybersecurity. Microsoft is transitioning the emphasis from third-party vendors and instead, curating an in-house vulnerability scanning solution.

Transition Phase

As part of the transition of vulnerability evaluations from Qualys to the advanced systems of Microsoft built-in scanning tool, a phased timeline will be introduced. The commencement of this process is scheduled to be on June 15th, 2023.

Actions Required for Customers

Customers reliant on the Qualys-based evaluations are expected to transition to the Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s native scanning capabilities by the slated date. There would be no interruption in the overall service during this transition, as Microsoft assures a smooth switchover facilitating business continuity.

Extended Capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s built-in scanner, upgradation will offer extended capabilities. Built-in integration with Azure workloads, unified experiences across environments, Azure Policy guest configuration, and detailed logs available in Azure Monitor Logs are among the features this transition will provide.

Looking into the Future

Microsoft assures that it will continue to develop and extend the native capabilities of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud, including vulnerability assessments. The dedication towards enhancing cybersecurity is paramount in Microsoft’s mission, and this current transition manifests the firm’s commitment towards a secure digital environment.

Additional Resources

For more on Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s security features and the announced transition, visit the original post on the Microsoft Tech Community page.


Microsoft’s focus on streamlining its cybersecurity echoes a commitment to empowering businesses with more robust tools for their digital security needs. This retirement of the Qualys vulnerability scanning solution and transition to Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s native scanners aims to provide an enhanced, unified vulnerability assessment solution. By doing so, Microsoft is making a significant step toward a future where the digital landscapes are more secure and safer for every user.

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