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“Streamline Malicious File Scanning with Microsoft Defender for Storage in Azure”

Introducing the End-to-End Bootstrap Solution for Malicious File Scanning

Our latest offering at Microsoft Defender for Cloud is the end-to-end (E2E) bootstrap solution for malicious file scanning. We’ve designed a top-notch security system that integrates the Microsoft Cloud system with our PowerShell. Our solution is an effective tool for detecting, analyzing and mitigating the risks associated with potentially harmful files.

Key Features of the Bootstrap Solution

The E2E bootstrap solution boasts a sophisticated architecture that combines VirusTotal with Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and Cognitive Services. In particular, our setup equips security administrators with easy-to-deploy, comprehensive scanning solutions, which leverage the strengths of these combined platforms. Through this, all your uploaded files can be automatically scanned and analyzed for malicious contents.

Azure Logic Apps and Cognitive Services

Our Bootstrap solution incorporates Azure Logic Apps to facilitate the extraction of metadata from files across multiple platforms. It uses highly scalable marker services to validate files against known threats. Cognitive Services compliments this by offering text analytics, garnering insights into potential security threats through intelligent content processing.

The Power of PowerShell

This solution exploits the versatility of PowerShell. With PowerShell scripts, administrators get a streamlined process, eliminating the need for manual configurations while setting up the E2E solution. The PowerShell deployment script is automated, enhancing the consistency of installations and inherently boosting system security.

VirusTotal Integration

VirusTotal’s functionality is key in our innovative tool. The E2E bootstrap solution uses the reputed resources of VirusTotal for a robust and reliable on-site file scan. This integration is instrumental in scanning uploaded files for malicious activities and securing the workspace swiftly and effectively.

Deployment and Implementation

Deploying and implementing this solution is made seamless with an automated PowerShell script. This script enables quick and consistent installations across different servers. Administrator input is minimal and limited to providing necessary permissions and API keys. Once installed, the solution autonomously maintains a secure workspace.

Enhancing System Security against Malware

By marrying the functionality of Azure Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, and VirusTotal with the versatility of PowerShell, our E2E Bootstrap solution is your one-stop-shop for securing data and maintaining a threat-free ecosystem. Our solution is not just about detection; it’s about prevention, offering users peace of mind while handling uploads and securing their workspace.

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