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Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Multicloud Data Security in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Expanded Data Security Visibility Across Multicloud Platforms

Microsoft is stepping up in the age of digital transformation by enhancing the visibility of its cloud data security platform across multiple environments. Customers will now stand to benefit from an overview of Azure Purview, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Understanding Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud Defense

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is at the forefront of providing cloud-native, integrated, and intelligent security solutions. The upgrades ensure visibility, control, and threat protection across hybrid and multicloud workloads. It incorporates security, compliance, and identity solutions to identify misconfigurations and threats, protect assets, and standardize governance across infrastructures.

The Strength of Azure Purview

Azure Purview, a unified data governance service, is playing an indispensable role in multi-cloud data security. It allows customers to map data across different sources, facilitating data discovery, understanding, usage, and governance. By integrating it with Microsoft Defender for Cloud, you can access unified visibility from SQL servers in Azure, AWS, and GCP.

Extending to Google Cloud Platform

The integration with GCP will offer deep integration, allowing for automatic discovery and onboard of GCP projects for a consolidated view. Users will gain insights into the security posture of their environment with recommendations for optimized configurations. The expanded support includes Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage.

Fully Committed to Amazon Web Services

Like GCP, AWS resources are also fully integrated into Microsoft Defender for Cloud. The workflow and UX for AWS reflect that of GCP, thereby, enhancing interoperability and understanding. The user-friendly secure score feature allows for monitoring of security status, regulatory compliance, and governance.

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Microsoft has further enhanced data classification in Azure Purview. The updated pattern detection, classification, and tagging features ensure more accurate data detection. These capabilities are especially beneficial for PII and other sensitive data, as they help organizations to meet compliance requirements.


With the new features made available on multiple cloud platforms, Microsoft, through its Defender for Cloud platform, solidifies its commitment to offer unified visibility, extended protection, and ease of use while ensuring top-notch data security. Businesses using Azure Purview, AWS, or GCP can look forward to a complete security package that advances their digital transformation journey.

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