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– “Unlocking the Power of Copilot: Microsoft 365’s AI Advancements”

We’re thrilled to bring you exciting news! We announce an expanded availability of CoPilot for Microsoft 365, introducing an array of capabilities tailored to guarantee an incremental improvement in user experience. As we roll it out internationally, our focus remains on propelling productivity, delivering portability, and ensuring data security.

A Global Roll-out of CoPilot

Commencing September 2021, we’ve expanded CoPilot’s reach globally. We started this journey with a focus on English language users situated in the United States. But in response to popular demand, we’ve amended our trajectory to make CoPilot accessible worldwide, encompassing various language preferences.

Supporting Multiple Languages

Our commitment to inclusivity necessitates language diversity. The need to diminish the language barrier has led us to gradually integrate support for various languages into the CoPilot interface. The current release includes support for English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Italian, with plans to incorporate additional languages in future releases.

A Brief Recap on CoPilot for Microsoft 365

Understanding the essence of CoPilot starts with Microsoft’s mission to empower users in their workflow. Microsoft 365 CoPilot is an interactive guide that aids users in exploring products and new features. It provides a hands-on demonstration, accelerates the learning process, and enhances precise understanding of intricate functionalities.

Unlocking an Enhanced User Experience

Features like task-based guides, product walkthroughs, and contextual help articles transform the typical software interaction into an engaging user experience. Simultaneously, it resolves the complexities of getting accustomed to new features and tools, fostering a conducive learning environment.

Privacy and Data Security

At Microsoft, we remain steadfast in our dedication to privacy and data security. The CoPilot feature operates completely within your browser. It doesn’t have any backend services, meaning it doesn’t send or store your Microsoft 365 data. It provides guidance based on the page you’re in without accessing or controlling your data.

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Adopt CoPilot for Microsoft 365 and let us know your experiences. Join our Microsoft Tech Community forums, where our technologists are keen to engage and assist.

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