Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Modernizing SharePoint Managed Metadata Services (MMS)

SharePoint Managed Metadata Services

Content metadata—also called propertiesattributescolumnsterms or tags—is essential for information architecture, workflow, and compliance. Managed Metadata Service (MMS) delivers centralized management of taxonomy (hierarchies of tags and terms) and content types.

You will these very soon yin your tenant:

  • A modern term management system in the SharePoint admin center. 
  • A modern content type gallery in the SharePoint admin center, to create and manage content types in the content type hub. 
  • An update to the tagging and filtering interface for MMS columns in lists and libraries.

Managing taxonomies in the SharePoint admin center

You’ll find the new term manager in the Content services section of the SharePoint admin center, providing modern, integrated controls for the creation and management of organizational taxonomies and glossaries.

Managing taxonomies in new sharepoint admin center
Modern taxonomy management

Updating MMS will provide great value to SharePoint today, and MMS will be essential to delivering new premium value to Project Cortex later this year.  Thank you.

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