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Upgrade Your Cloud Security with Microsoft Defender: CIS Azure Security Foundations Benchmark 2.0.0 Supported

Exploring the Latest Additions to Microsoft Defender for Cloud

In our ongoing mission to enhance cloud security through tailored solutions, we’ve made significant updates to Microsoft Defender for Cloud. In a stride towards robust defence mechanisms, we now offer comprehensive support for the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Azure Security Benchmarks.

Understanding Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is an innovative security management solution aimed at strengthening the security posture of all your hybrid workloads, including on-premises and multiple clouds. This potent tool empowers users to control and implement their security settings, facilitates ongoing security assessments, and provides instant, actionable security recommendations.

Unveiling CIS Azure Security Benchmark Support

The integration of support for the CIS Azure Security Benchmarks into Microsoft Defender for Cloud marks a significant enhancement. These benchmarks, encompassing a set of high-priority security recommendations, provide invaluable guidance for cloud customers. Combining CIS benchmarks with Microsoft’s AI-driven cloud security tools will strengthen Azure environments’ security posture dramatically.

Functionality of CIS Benchmarks within Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Within Microsoft Defender for Cloud, the CIS benchmarks contribute towards an efficient security checklist. This checklist provides an array of recommendations for critical tasks such as managing identities and enabling MFA; setting up network configurations; managing system updates; and logging & monitoring. Our customers will find the task of meeting, and surpassing, industry-standard security expectations much easier with these enhancements.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Beyond bolstering security, the integration of CIS Azure Security Benchmarks also furthers regulatory compliance. Companies looking to adhere to specific security standards and regulations will find Microsoft Defender for Cloud’s latest update understandably beneficial.

Seamless Navigation and User-friendly Layout

The dashboard of Microsoft Defender for Cloud offers a user-friendly and seamless navigation experience to view all the necessary details regarding the security benchmarks. These observations are straightforward, making the evaluation of overall compliance posture hassle-free.

Big Picture Impact

The CIS Azure Security Benchmark support by Microsoft Defender for Cloud positions Microsoft as a committed partner in enterprise security. The integration takes us a step further to ensure our customers have the tools and guidelines they need to keep their cloud data and resources secure.

We continuously strive to advance and improve our security tools to empower businesses. Keep an eye on our community for more updates on our cloud products, and to access related documentation to enhance your understanding of and expertise with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Article Source: Microsoft Technical Community


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